Safe Tech Fire Sales: The Ultimate Sales Solution for the Fire Safety Industry

Product Details

The Safe Tech Fire Sales platform consists of a mobile application and a web application, both designed to empower sales teams in the fire safety industry. These applications provide comprehensive solutions for tracking sales performance, managing customer relationships, and streamlining the sales process.

Client: Safe Tech Fire Sales

Services: Development of Sales Enablement Software or Sales Productivity Tools.

Category: Sales Management Software


Goals and

  • 01 Increase Sales Efficiency: The primary goal of the Safetech Firesales platform is to enhance the efficiency of sales teams. By providing tools for sales tracking, customer management, visit scheduling, and product management, the platform aims to optimize sales processes and improve overall productivity.
  • 02 Streamline Customer Relationship Management: Another objective of the Safetech Firesales platform is to streamline customer relationship management. The platform enables sales teams to store and manage all customer information in one place, facilitating easy access to customer details and enhancing the ability to provide personalized service.
  • 03 Enhance Sales Performance Monitoring: The platform aims to help sales teams monitor their sales performance effectively. By tracking sales progress, setting goals, and providing real-time insights, the platform assists sales representatives in identifying areas for improvement and maximizing their sales potential.
  • 04 Improve Data Accuracy and Reporting: With the Safetech Firesales platform, the objective is to ensure accurate data recording and reporting. Sales representatives can capture visit details, check-in/check-out information, and product sales data, which can be used to generate comprehensive reports for better decision-making.


The Safetech Firesales platform offers a range of features and capabilities to address the needs of sales teams in the fire safety industry. The mobile application provides on-the-go access to critical sales information, enabling sales representatives to track their performance, manage customer relationships, schedule visits, and record essential data during customer interactions.

The web application complements the mobile app by providing additional functionalities such as a comprehensive dashboard, user management, customer management, visit management, attendance management, product management, and sales and stock reports. These features empower sales managers and administrators to oversee and analyze sales activities, manage user roles, handle customer data, monitor visits, track attendance, manage products, and generate valuable reports.

The technology stack employed for the web application includes the Laravel framework version and the PHP version. The database used is MySQL version, ensuring stability, security, and scalability.

For the mobile application, Flutter is utilized, enabling the development of a single codebase that runs smoothly on Android platforms. Flutter offers excellent performance and allows for the creation of a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for sales teams.

Together, the Safetech Firesales mobile application and web application offer a complete sales platform tailored to the fire safety industry, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing the sales process, enhancing customer relationships, and driving sales success.

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