Dyadni - Sales Force Automation and Specialty Chemicals Sales Optimization Solution

Product Details

Dyadni is a comprehensive sales force automation software solution specifically designed for the specialty chemicals industry. It comprises both a web application and a mobile application, enabling businesses to streamline sales activities, optimize resources, and facilitate efficient order generation.

Client: Dyadni

Services: Specialty Chemicals Sales Optimization Solution

Category: Sales Force Automation Software



  • Dyadni offers a range of powerful features:
  • 01 Formula Creation and Request: Users can create chemical formulas and submit them for approval using both the web and mobile applications.
  • 02 Visit Management: Sales representatives can efficiently schedule and manage customer visits, track visit details, and keep a record of completed and upcoming visits.
  • 03 Formula Approval and Tracking: Managers can review and approve or reject submitted formulas, while users can easily track the status of their formula requests.
  • 04 Count Tracking: The applications provide real-time counts for completed visits, upcoming visits, accepted formulas, rejected formulas, and pending formula requests.
  • 05 User List: The applications provide a user list functionality, allowing administrators to manage user accounts and roles effectively.
  • 06 Role-Based Mobile Access: The mobile application offers role-specific access, providing tailored functionalities and permissions based on different user roles.

Goals and

  • Dyadni is designed to achieve the following goals and objectives:
  • 01 Enhance Sales Efficiency: By providing a streamlined platform for formula creation, visit management, and approval processes, Dyadni aims to optimize sales efficiency and productivity.
  • 02 Increase Order Generation: The software's efficient visit scheduling, follow-up reminders, and formula request management capabilities are geared towards boosting order generation and driving sales revenue.
  • 03 Improve Collaboration: Dyadni promotes collaboration among sales representatives, and administrators, facilitating seamless communication, efficient coordination, and improved teamwork.
  • 04 Role-Specific Mobile Experience: The mobile application offers a role-specific interface, ensuring that users have access to the functionalities and data relevant to their specific roles, thereby enhancing usability and productivity.


Dyadni provides a robust and scalable solution through its integrated web and mobile applications:

  • Web Application: The web application is built using PHP with the Laravel framework. It incorporates Bootstrap, jQuery, and Ajax to deliver a responsive and intuitive user interface. JWT tokens are utilized for authentication, and the integration with the mobile application is facilitated through the Slim framework.
  • Mobile Application: Developed for the Android platform using Kotlin, the mobile application offers convenient on-the-go access to Dyadni. Users can easily add visits, create and request formulas, view visits, and formula counts, and access the user list. The mobile app provides role-specific functionalities and access privileges.

With its powerful features, aligned goals and objectives, and the utilization of modern technologies, Dyadni enables businesses in the specialty chemicals industry to optimize sales processes, enhance collaboration, and drive increased order generation.

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