Dhwani Harmonious Sound Therapy Platform

Product Details

Dhwani is a comprehensive Sound Therapy application that offers a mobile app for customers and an admin panel for internal use. The application allows users to access various therapy and meditation sessions, subscribe to packages, and experience the therapeutic benefits of sound therapy. The app provides a seamless and user-friendly interface, while the admin panel enables efficient management of therapies, customers, and subscriptions.

Client: Dhwani

Services: Mobile and Web Application Development for Sound Therapy Platform

Category: Health and Wellness/Wellness Technology



  • 01 Create & Manage Therapy & Meditations: The admin panel allows easy creation and management of therapy and meditation sessions, providing a diverse range of healing experiences for customers.
  • 02 Manage Customers: The admin panel enables efficient management of customer data, including subscriptions, payments, and profile information.
  • 03 Admin Panel Access for Super Admin User: Super admin users have comprehensive access and control over the application's functionalities and settings through the admin panel.
  • 04 Mobile Application Access for Customers: Customers can access the Dhwani application through the mobile app, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface for therapy subscription and playback.
  • 05 Custom Push Notifications Functionality: Admin users can send custom push notifications to customers, providing updates, promotions, or important information related to therapies and subscriptions.
  • 06 In-App Audio Player: The mobile app features an in-app audio player that allows customers to listen to therapy sessions and meditations without any buffering or interruptions.
  • 07 Play Hi-Resolution Content Without Buffer: Customers can enjoy high-resolution therapy content, ensuring a premium and immersive sound therapy experience without any buffering.
  • 08 Subscription of Packages by Manual/Using Payment Gateway: Customers can easily subscribe to therapy packages either manually or by using the integrated payment gateway, ensuring convenient and seamless subscription management.
  • 09 Payment Details Reports: The system generates comprehensive reports on payment details, enabling admin users to track and analyze revenue related to subscriptions and transactions.
  • 10 Subscription Reports: Detailed reports on customer subscriptions are available, providing insights into customer preferences and subscription trends.

Goals and

  • 01 Provide Effective Sound Therapy: The goal is to offer a sound therapy application that provides effective and beneficial therapy and meditation sessions to improve users' well-being.
  • 02 Enhance Customer Experience: The objective is to create a user-friendly and immersive experience for customers, enabling easy access to therapies, smooth playback, and seamless subscription management.
  • 03 Streamline Therapy Management: The goal is to streamline therapy and meditation management for admin users through the admin panel, facilitating efficient creation, editing, and organization of therapy sessions.
  • 04 Enable Data-Driven Decision Making: The objective is to provide comprehensive reports and analytics on customer subscriptions and payments, empowering admin users to make data-driven decisions.


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